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Hi all,

Has anyone managed to edit their HTML file to successfully redefine the default E/S/D/F controls in the webplayer? Basically, I want it to be intuitive for non-PICO8 players using the web interface, so I'd like them to be able to use WASD instead.

I've edited the section of JS inside the exported HTML file, to detect keydown events for WASD then write to the live input bitfields as suggested in the comments, and this works to some extent. However, now the PICO8 is picking up certain button presses twice, because they belong in both WASD and ESDF. For example:

I press W to go up, and this works fine (only belongs to WASD)
I press S to go down, and I move down and left (WASD => move down, ESDF => move left)

It seems the live bitfields work in addition to the standard key detection of the PICO8, but I want it to work instead of it.

I hope this makes sense?

Thanks in advance!


P#43562 2017-08-23 19:24 ( Edited 2017-08-23 23:24)

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