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Cart #40494 | 2017-05-12 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

CyberJack was the first game I ever made. I created it in Unity during a Cyberpunk style game jam simply called CyberPunkJam. At the time I had no idea what I was doing in Unity, my art was simplistic, and my sounds and music were loud and repetitive.

Although this version of CyberJack doesn't fix any of that it did help me practice some basic code skills and some design flow options with the limited space that Pico-8 provides while also giving the game a better, less complex, platform to run on and removing a lot of bugs. The other reason for the update was that the Unity player no longer works in most browsers and the download copy of the game was not stable.

There's no real point to his game. Connect to a computer, open folders and mail for cash, disconnect before time runs out, rinse and repeat until bored or "caught".

Please feel free to enjoy.


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