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This is a WIP of a demake of Adventure Creator, an old Atari 400/800 game. I'm making it for my sister, as she grew up playing it and I remember playing it with her when I was really little. Haha.

As of this update, got a title screen with the Bach tune that plays at the beginning of the Atari 400 game, and you can run around, open chests and collect inventory. Next step is giving the monsters the behaviors as in the game. So the third update should be a little more fun/interesting :) Hoping to get as far as hazards/weapons and then auto-generating a "goal" (in the original game it typically was: collect gold/other type of treasure). Then through searching for treasure chests and making trades with monsters you eventually reach the goal.

It's definitely not a perfect clone of the original, but I'm having fun getting as much of the game in here as I can.

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