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So basically before people critize my blog/bbs name (If there bad, which I assume that they are...,) Ill explain this blog quick as I can and get to this weeks "subject." I don't upload good levels honestly, and Im working on one good level right now, but that is besides the point. I love the game, even if Im not that good a it, and want to the person DigitalMonkey. He is the guy who got me into game in the first place. I MAYBE WILL expand this blog to Pico-8 and Chocolate Castle. Any other games people want in this discussion, just put in the comments. I know not many people will care about this voxatron blog, but I hope people at least consider what I say and think of with these blogs. Now to the point:

I only made this to discuss Lexaloffle games (and maybe other games too,) and I may publish a level along with the posts.

I will read any comments, and Ill eventually run out of ideas, so please put ideas you have in the comments.

Its not assured I will always upload on Wednesdays (Only day I can upload for now) but I may start uploading on Saturdays in the morning or at about 3:00 (This will not feature levels mostly)

So, this blog is about Pico-8. I hope I get feedback on this


I don't know if I should download the game and get into it. I see that its dominating the BBS, like Voxatron used to, and I really see how its being updated a lot, and how people are seeing how to make new games all the time. I hope it gets more updates soon so I can see the variety of levels that Pico-8 users can do with such a simple development game, compared to huge sites like PlayCanvas.


I'm sorry that this wasn't a long blog, but it was my first, so Im not that sure. But Id really like to see feedback about Pico-8, and I may get the game to talk about next week if I get positive feedback.

That was my Builders Blog, and that was DatOneBuilder! Thanks!

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