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I run Pico-8 from console, without using X on any of my Raspberry Pis.

Sometimes I have a second framebuffer device at /dev/fb1 that I want Pico-8 to run on.

Right now it looks like there is no way to get Pico-8 to run on any device other than /dev/fb0.

This would be useful for running Pico-8 on a connected LCD, 2nd monitor, or USB DisplayLink device.

#raspberrypi #feature
P#38435 2017-03-20 01:38


I would also be interested in this!!

I think they changed from SDL (which could be piped to the framebuffer) to SDL2 which can not

you can work round it by using fbcp to just copy the normal screen output to the framebuffer, and it works well enough (also give you the added bonus of HDMI mirroring for big screen play)

P#38438 2017-03-20 06:05

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