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Cart [#37954#] | Copy | Code | 2017-02-28 | Link

My second entry for "One Game a Month".
I took just the slightest hint from the theme and decided to stay true to my love for puns.

This one is all about ant-(may)hem!

I once again started suuuuuuper-late with my project (that is, <24h ago).
For future projects, I should make sure to prepare certain parts in each week leading up to the end of the month, so as to still have time to fix stuff.
This time, there were a bunch of features that I couldn't implement, starting with collision. The plan was to have a more Snake-like experience with the ant in the front being unable to pass through the "tail" of other ants - without that, there are few challenging mechanics left. Thus, the "game" became more of a zen thingy. Que sera sera!

Also, I tried my hand at the slightest bit of procedural generation and was quite overwhelmed. But, having seen, what other, more capable devs, are able to do with those tools, I am eager to explore further in that direction with future games.

Concerning the missing sound and music, I simply couldn't be bothered.
I feel that my skills in this regard are just too lacklustre at the moment, so this is where a lot of future preparation time will be sunk into.

Lastly a small warning, performance-wise:
The code is a mess, with no garbage collecting or recycling to speak of. It is no wonder then, that the game starts lagging after a certain amount of ants and groceries have entered the stage.
If it becomes nigh unplayable, that's what I left the reset via the X-button in for.

Thanks for your patience and happy playing!

P#37955 2017-02-28 23:18

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