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Justifo 0.1 WIP will be built by MAJ build team, Justifo Build Team & Dev Team, + More people. All the information for questions will be down below, unless you ask in the comments.
Whats Justifo?
Justifo is a Multiplayer Warfare game. It consists of two teams, and it rotates between maps that you vote on. Teams are split evenly and you can not choose your team unless you have a premium rank. Premium ranks consist of different perks earned. Based on your PC, you can play with a certain amount of people. A leaderboard will be added in the full version, keeping track of kills and deaths. Kills can buy you premium, plus more separate perks within and without premium.
What maps will there be?
We're currently working on two different maps, plus weapons and veichles earned with kills. Our current maps our: Medieval, Graveyard, Galaxy. Underwater, Inside Computer, Desert, and Ants Life. Medieval, Graveyard, & Galaxy our currently our main focuses for V0.1
What weapons/veichles will there be?
Here is a direct list of all the weapons/veichles :
Hover board (All Maps)
Hunting Rifle A1 (All Maps)
Knight Horse (Castle Map)
Ant Transport (Ant's Life Map)
Knight Uniform/Weapon (20 Kills) (Castle Map)
Magic Carpet (25 Kills) (All Maps)
Spaceship A1 (30 Kills) (Galaxy Map)
Spaceship A2 (50 Kills) (Galaxy Map)
Spaceship A3 (75 Kills) (Galaxy Map)
Alien Pet (75 Kills) (Does damage to enemies) (Galaxy Map)
Ant Pet (75 Kills) (Does damage to enemies) (Ant's Life Map)
Squid Pet (75 Kills) (Does damage to enemies) (Underwater Map)
(Scorpion Pet) (100 Kills) (Does Damage to enemies) (Desert Map)
(Skeleton Pet) (125 Kills) (Does damage to enemies) (Graveyard Map)
(Zombie Pet) (150 Kills) (Does damage to enemies) (Graveyard Map)
Premium 200 Kills ( MORE PERK INFO LATER)
ONLY WITH PREMIUM AVAILABLE -----> TECH PET (300 Kills) (Builds walls, does damage, + more)
Robot is team blue, will normal DJ BEEP is team red. + Monsters animated to throw as weapons in next update.

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