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howdy folks,

loving pico, just great to play with minimal stuff ;)

now this forum title hopefully will not charge people emotions, but was just a quick thought i had.
now, we are all used to auto-complete. its lovely, it makes things easier etc. pico doesnt have it, which isnt too much of a bad thing. but i did have an idea for an ultra compact, small auto complete.

so instead of having a list of what is available from when you type [like xcode, or VS, or sublime]. why not use the very bottom block [where the line count etc is] pop up with 1 available choice. so the more you type, the closer it becomes to what you want?
so if i have three things like so:

if i first type 'b' it will come up with the first alphabetically ordered one, then if i type 'e' it then shows 'bees'. then press enter and its good and put in.

just a thought, though its not something im gagging for, just more an idea than anything ;)

lewis lepton

P#15480 2015-10-17 09:32 ( Edited 2015-10-17 13:32)

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