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Cart #10909 | 2015-05-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Either P1 button (X/Z by default) will start/restart the game, arrows move. You'll see that the circles follow you in a very predictable pattern. All you have to do is use that pattern to your advantage by making them overlap. Enjoy!

In 2011 I threw together a silly game called Just Evasion using OpenGL and some dodgy C while waiting for a flight. It was my first proper game, in that it was the first game I'd ever felt was remotely finished. Later that summer I made a Flash version of it using Adam Saltsman's Flixel library. Since I've started messing about with PICO-8 I have had many vague game ideas that didn't go anywhere, but one night I thought of trying to remake this old thing again and so here we are. It doesn't ramp up in difficulty the way the original did, but the core stuff is the same. And it was my first attempt at spriting up some letters, which was great fun and brought me back to the old days designing typefaces on copybooks at school. Vibrant times.

(Again the music is silly and you should probably just mute it. I'm going to try to improve my use of the tracker but at the moment I can't seem to coax anything good out of it.)

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