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Hello there!!

I absolutely like this game: it's so fun and well designed!
But really, it needs more music: it's like an AMIGA game, but it lacks in-game music for the levels, just those cute sound effcts and the occasional music, but minimalistic music would fit the game very well.

Part of my experience with games, and what makes me go back to some classics, is the music in the levels: the music that ambients eachs unique level makes me want to get to that level to hear that music again: with Jasper's sadly, I lack that feeling, even if it's still a great game.

So please, would you add in-game music for the levels and not just some sections?

The best kind of in-game music I can think of is Tim Follin's work: I believe that's out of the scope of the game, but maybe some Jethro-tull versions in minimalistic chiptune style would fit great!!

A different music for ecah world would be eough: no need for a music per level.

What do you think? It would make this game even greater!

EDIT: I know some people who didn't grow up in the 8/16 bit era just can't stand chip music. That's fine...so I would add a MUSIC ON/OFF option, too! many Amiga games had this option :D

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hi vanfanel
joseph the lexaloffle boss did the music for jasper aswell as the code. (i'm the illustrator and level designer)
he has added more bits as time goes on. because we've worked on this game so long, i think it's got a lid on it for the meantime if you know what i mean. ;)
i know what you mean though about the music being such a big part of games like this. thanks for your encouragement!

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