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Cart #9779 | 2015-03-19 | Embed ▽ | No License


Sorry about posting it about half a month after the deadline of February. I was for some reason not allowed to access the BBS from any computer using my internet device. It looks like I finally have access. That is a great thing!!. Point Crash 2.0 was completed by February 14th. (look at post: "Messed up Cartridge" for more info)

The game supports any voxatron version that supports 0.3+
+2 Player Game
+12 Characters
+20 Maps to play on (I got lazy on some of them sorry)

NOTE: Select characters by touching a floating box next to the characters icon. DO NOT select more than one character at a time this will cause animation and sound errors.

Hope you enjoy playing :D took around 90+ hours of work.

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