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:: Silver Key

Jump up these flowers and run right until you reach a door. Keep going right inside the chamber and you'll find the silver key at the end.

:: Jumping Potion

Go back down and through the silver door to enter a large underground area which contains a jumping potion. You'll need this to be able to climb the cliffs on the left side of the level.

:: Secret Chamber

Once you're inside the silver door area, you can shoot the wall on the left.

:: Globes

  1. Take one step right.
  2. At the start of the level, run left under the daisies and through the wall. Keep this bronze key for later when you come across the bronze door (pictured).
  3. The room with the jumping potion has a hole in the ceiling. Take a few steps to the left of the potion and jump up.

:: Level Map
Click for a map of the level:

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