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:: Gold Key
Run left first to get the gold key. It's guarded by a swarm of bees, so you'll have to do a grab and dash. The easiest way to avoid the bees is to jump onto the cloud to the right and then into the tree. They'll forget about you by the time you come back out.

If you do end up with the swarm on your tail, keep running away while you pick them off one by one. If all else fails, you can always keep running all the way to the end of the level at the right.

:: Wisp

You'll meet the first wisp up to the right. The trick to dealing with wisps is to hit and move. It's possible to jump through their arc of bullets, but don't try to be a hero! Jump up to hit them a couple of times and then run away a bit.

If you manage to defeat the wisp, you can jump across the clouds to the right to find a red potion.

:: Evil Plant

You can't shoot these things -- just wait for each burst to finish before you run by.

:: Globes

  1. Inside the tree near the bees.

  2. Run through this little passage and follow your nose (pictured).

  3. Up to the left of the fountain.

:: Level Map
Click for a map of the level:

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