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:: Globes

  1. This chamber (pictured) has a globe inside.

  2. After you get the silver key, fall down and run right.

  3. The red building at the far left has a roof that you can get onto. Jump up where the brown urn is to find the hole in the roof. The last globe is up there.

:: Keys

Bronze: You can find the first key inside a chamber at the top left. Be careful of the evil plant -- you can't kill it.

Silver: The second key you'll need is up to the left. It's at the top of a turret with a sproing plant at the bottom.

Gold: The gold key is down to the left of the main building. You can jump left through the wall here to grab the fruit.

:: Tricky Jump

On the way to the bronze key, you'll come across this jump. Just keep running left the whole time and everything will work out just fine.

:: King Blobby

Having a butterfly potion helps a lot. You can find one nearby (see below) or buy one at the shop.
Keep moving, and jump up and shoot at him when he's not spitting out little blobbies. If there are a lot of little blobbies around, it's good to take care of them first.

:: Butterfly Potion

The butterfly potion is at the top left of the King Blobby area. To get up there, don't jump straight up to confront him. Instead, go the long way around.. you can keeping going left if you jump on the sproing plant in the middle of the spikes.

:: Level Map
Click for a map of the level:

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