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If you are a registered user, download it here: @

New stuff:

Mac OS X Universal Binaries
This is the first release which can run natively on intel Macs. It will work on any PPC or intel Mac with OS X 10.3.9, or later. It might also run on earlier versions of OS X -- but I haven't had the chance to try it out. Please let me know if you have any trouble, Mac people! (joseph at lexaloffle dot com)

Configurable Keys
Change the keys in the option->keys menu. The default keys for jump and throw are now Z and X to avoid triggering the pull-down menu in windows. But if you don't like that, now you can change it (:

Save Anywhere Cheat
By popular demand, you can now save the game anywhere in the registered version. I've added this as a cheat -- hold down shift-S to bring up the save menu, and it doesn't cost any treasure.

Other stuff

  • More music
  • Extended instructions screens
  • Access to the highscore table once you've finished the game
  • Extended ending sequence (Orlando is now much happier to be saved!)
P#646 2008-11-29 07:33


Oh, I didn't realise there was an update to this! Is there an email list I can subscribe to in order to get lexaloffle product updates?

Yay! :D

I'm a mac person and I didn't even realise it wasn't native before... ^-^ I'll report back!

P#650 2008-12-09 10:07


There isn't an email list for minor updates, but major updates I either automatically send out emails to registered users, or announce in a newsletter. I put off announcing 2.1 because 2.11 is coming very shortly and is the version I want everyone to get. It has difficulty levels, which will hopefully put an end to widespread player suffering (^ _ ^)

Yeah.. the PPC emulation works so smoothly that I was tempted just to keep releasing PPC-only builds. The only real problem is that they chew through laptop batteries a bit more. And also Apple won't like me if I don't get with the times.

P#651 2008-12-10 12:37


I just played this for a while more, I'm up to level six now! I have to admit, I didn't notice any speed differences, but I have a 2.8ghz imac with 4GB, so it ought to cope alright :D

For a moment I thought you had somehow added music to the levels, as I encountered the first level with music, but then I realised it was just occassional places that have music. The lack of music is unfrotunately my biggest complaint with Jasper, but I can see what you're going for.

Oh yeah, and this game plays much much better with a joypad. I suspect that represents a lot of people's difficulty struggles.

P#652 2008-12-11 16:50

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