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If I copy & paste 25% of the time i FATAL CRASH*
if I copy & paste 30% of the time voxatron crash.
I randomly get crash... often...
sometimes, when I draw voxels, I... you guesses it... crash !!!

PS: the farthest I went on this update was to create the leg movement, then ... CRASHHHHHHH.!!!

  • fatal crash: voxatron crash, freezes my comp and I can do nothing ( I can do nothing, don't post a solution for this I ain't stupid ).
P#8608 2014-03-29 15:52 ( Edited 2014-04-05 19:33)

The crash happens when you paste while the editor has focus. This will be fixed in 0.2.11 but as a work-around, if you want to paste over a whole item, click on it in the navigator first.

P#8636 2014-04-03 12:53 ( Edited 2014-04-03 16:53)

2.10 crashed a few times while actually playing.

P#8640 2014-04-04 18:39 ( Edited 2014-04-04 22:39)

I love that new voxatron ut it just crashes too often, I can't work on my maps .. :p

P#8643 2014-04-05 10:31 ( Edited 2014-04-05 14:31)

@zorro which cart were you in when it crashed? Do you remember roughly what was going on in the game world?

@blinddevil 0.2.11 will be ready soon and hopefully fixes the worst crashes. I haven't been able to reproduce a crash simply by drawing voxels though -- did you notice if it is more likely to happen if you are doing something in particular?

P#8644 2014-04-05 15:33 ( Edited 2014-04-05 19:33)

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