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:: Globes

  1. Run right from the start.

  2. On the cloud above the mud geiser.

  3. After entering the gold door area (see below), keep going right until you reach an intersection. Then go up and to the left. You'll find it under the hill.

:: Gold Door Area

Once you pick up the flying gold key (at the top right of the level), you can go back and use it to unlock a large underground section. The gold door is in the ground near the start. Fall though, keep shooting the wall to the right, run right as far as you can, and then shoot left once to take out the floor block. Walk into the hole and make sure you fall straight down. Be careful down there -- it's dangerous!

:: Purple Dragon

At the far right of the gold door area is a purple dragon. The ogre has the silver key you need to jump up there.

:: Inn

There's an inn at the far right of this level. Make sure you save here -- it's the last checkpoint before confronting the ogre.

:: Ogre
The ogre might seem intimidating at first, but he's quite predictable. After you hit him a few times, he'll always start spitting out fireballs. At this point you can run away if you have enough space, or jump over him. If you have trouble, try standing on the pot to the right and then when he gets close, jump only when he breathes in for an attack. Try to time your shots so that they hit the top of his head so that they don't collide with his fireballs.

:: Level Map
Click for a map of the whole level:

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