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Cart #mousetrap-2 | 2024-07-09 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Mouse: Oh yum! There is some cheese just lying on the floor! YAY!!11!

Human guy living in the house: Hey, that's MY cheese... shoots missile

Mouse: oh NO! (what kind of game description is this anyway?)

Use the arrow keys to move and z to burrow underground!

Dodge missiles and a certain traitorous bounty hunter...

Try to get 300 points!

Hope you enjoy my first pico-8 game! I made this a while ago using the educational version of Pico-8, so I'm glad I finally get to share it!

P#151075 2024-07-09 21:18


Fun little game with a nice bit of polish. Got 360!

P#151078 2024-07-09 21:30

@kozm0naut thx! and nice score :]

P#151079 2024-07-09 21:38

Fun frenetic game! I only got a 175, that little traitor got me right as I was un-burrowing, LOL.

P#151080 2024-07-09 21:51

@2bitchuck thank you!

P#151082 2024-07-09 21:55

nice animations and gameplay is very addictive! :D

P#151150 2024-07-10 22:37 ( Edited 2024-07-10 22:46)

Simple+frantic is the best. Died around 900 points, but felt cheated as I thought I just burrowed when I got hit. Did some testing, and my conclusion is I must indeed have been hit, but I must have burrowed the very next frame and never saw the crying mouse. Maybe disable burrowing while the mouse is crying ?
High score is not saved when you reset the game (check cartdata)

This begs to me to be modded as an up to 8 player game :

  • Pressing a controller activates the player with random fur and belly color combo
  • Getting hit stuns you temporarily and maybe makes you drop a bunch of non re-spawning cheese, sonic the hedgehog style
  • 1st to reach 300 wins, with a final display of the scores.
  • If 2 or more mice reach a cheese at the same frame, the cheese is taken but no point is awarded and every mice involved cries.
  • When a score change makes you change your ranking, a little number (green or red depending where you came from) is shortly displayed over your head.
P#151161 2024-07-11 05:52

@TRUL0U thanks so much :]

P#151164 2024-07-11 06:56

@RealShadowCaster Thanks for playing! And that's a really high score! And thanks for testing and finding out the bug! I think I can figure out how to disable the crying to avoid that :] Also, I hadn't even considered multiplayer, but that would work perfectly! I think that might be my new next pico-8 project! thanks for all the ideas!

P#151165 2024-07-11 07:00

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