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Localize System - A small tool for managing and saving your /system folder!

Cart #localsys-0 | 2024-06-21 | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Normally in Picotron, when you make changes to /system, they go away on reboot. This is fine, and actually ideal, because any errors could easily brick your Picotron installation, or even allow malicious programs to gain kernel permissions (THIS IS VERY BAD. THEY COULD ACCESS YOUR ACTUAL OS).

NOTE: Localizing your system folder can be very dangerous. It can brick your Picotron installation, and even allow malicious carts to install themselves and harm your actual OS drive. This program wont do as such, but be careful when installing untrusted carts. This will also keep your system at the same version that it was localized at, and you will need to unlocalize your system to update, and you will lose all of your changes

NOTE 2: This is very overkill for making small edits to your Picotron system. This isn't update-friendly and can damage your system as previously stated. I'd only really recommend this if you're trying to make your OWN OS for Picotron. I would recommend sedish for making small edits and fixes.

However, some of us are willing to take a risk, and must tinker with the system, so I've made this simple tool to allow you to "localize" your system, and also "unlocalize" it.

The process of localizing used by localsys is the same as described here:

"I don't know if this is a well known thing, but you can just copy the /system folder to a different location (cp /system /tmp), delete original /system and rename previously copied directory to /system. Then it will be a real folder, not stored in RAM."


In order to use Localize System, it must be installed in Picotron, much like other system-using cartridges.
You can do this by downloading the PNG of this cart and putting it in your Picotron drive.

When you run it, it will show a menu, and it is pretty self explanatory. Follow the prompts, type your option, and you get what you want! Note: This must be run in desktop, it won't run in fullscreen terminal

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