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Cart #mini_mancala-3 | 2024-06-16 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Just wanted to share my second PICO-8 game. I've been chipping away at this slowly for the last few months and was inspired this week to finally finish it!

Play against a friend via pass-and-play or challenge the computer. For fun, you can even pit two computer players against each another. Use it as the world's slowest coin-tossing machine! :)

P#150027 2024-06-16 18:48

I had like 24 seeds between two of my spaces stockpiled next to my bank and just one seed one space back. The cpu scored 3 free turns and used it's last seed to take out my one. Well played computer 🤣

P#150032 2024-06-16 20:41

😆 Yeah,the CPU logic is pretty rudimentary. It's not able to plan ahead and operates on just a few basic "rules" for determining it's current move. Sometimes this results in some pretty boneheaded moves.

I may continue to make improvements if I can think of a way to implement it that doesn't involve exponentially increasing the complexity of that code.

P#150034 2024-06-16 23:45

How about an AI that goes through all its possible turns (a turn can have more than one move) and the opponents possible immediate responses, and chooses the one that has the best "worst" win difference. It would be pretty bad and fall into every trap while still seemingly being good, if short sighted. Should make the player feel smart defeating it.

P#150036 2024-06-17 05:02

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