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Cart #fabedorono-0 | 2024-06-09 | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

fly and fire my test PT

P#149686 2024-06-09 14:22 ( Edited 2024-06-09 16:18)

hmm.. and where is cart ?

P#149687 2024-06-09 14:22

whala-la !

P#149692 2024-06-09 16:18

There I was, flying alone through the vast emptiness of space. Wondering whether one the stars racing past my cockpit window contained a single conscious being wondering about the shuttle flying by it's home system.
Wondering why that shuttle is shooting without visible distress.
Was it distress?
Was ist boredom?
Did they go crazy?
The being was still wondering,but I was long gone.

P#150043 2024-06-17 10:11

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