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Cart #teddblue_monv8-0 | 2024-06-03 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Mon Engine Version 0.8

  • Move loading bug fix
  • Wild encounter pools
    • Wild encounters are selected randomly from a weighted list
    • Each map can specify which pool to select a Mon from
    • Wild encounter data load
    • Map data can store a byte referencing their wild encounter pool
  • Text input system
    • simple arrows to move cursor, [X] to add a letter, [O] to delete a letter
  • saving
    • save to .p8 file
    • load from .p8 file
  • Start menu
    • load save file if present
    • start new game if save file not present
    • enter name for character
    • pick colors of character
  • Monster catching
    • uses experimental petting system
    • youll see the player character move back and forth during catching
    • hit [X] as the direction changes to up chances of a catch
    • numbers at top-left of screen give info on the catching
    • first number is stage in battle, second is catch chance, third is the amount catch chance was changed on last tap

Other Developments

Ive decided a name! at least for now im calling it oscimons (subject to change). "Oscilation" was the only word i could fit well with "mon" that had to do with the creatures. In addition, I plan on redoing the battle system again but with better a designed turn system. Thats going to be on a waitlist until other features are ready. I'm starting a job soon so please be patient to all 2 people that are keeping up with this.

Next Time

I plan on going ahead with adding the image loader ive been working on, so im pretty excited! Ill also add a mon info screen for the worldmap. then a few smaller things i havent gotten around to yet like structure collision, trigger zones, etc. but some of those features are pretty big and will wait longer.


leave any questions, comments, concerns, and advice down below!

P#149397 2024-06-03 20:13

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