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Cart #mamono_pico_fix-0 | 2024-05-06 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

A bug fix version of mamono pico by @65c02

Fixed :

  • crashing at end of levels
  • impossible to win levels
  • not dying when killed by a monster that would have made you level up

Remaining known bugs :

  • you can mark a monster even after killing it, and this can disable showing the red number of the monster
  • some rare crashes from menu after game over, unknown cause.

Done :

  • damage is now the same as the original game

Todo :

  • blank pause menu
  • Remaining ennemy count in status bar
  • timer
  • high scores
  • Max difficulty
  • custom levels
  • wraparoud
  • mage (fireball chording)
  • scout (blind mode)
  • skunk oil
  • achievements
P#147977 2024-05-06 09:24 ( Edited 2024-05-06 09:30)

Awesome job - haven't experienced a crash yet.

P#148000 2024-05-06 14:29

This is pretty tough.

P#148013 2024-05-06 16:32

@Hell_Cat, I find it slightly less tough than minesweeper myself, especially with the leveling up system removing the heart crushing 50%/50% endgame losses of minesweeper.
The damage dealt by enemies has been increased a lot compared to 65c02's version. I could give an option to start with more life for example. What would you like ?

P#148015 2024-05-06 17:09

nvm, I was just bad at it. I'm better at it now, but that does sound good, maybe you could make that an option for easy mode?

P#148036 2024-05-07 00:51

I think the marking monsters bug is fixed, I can't mark them after death.

P#148084 2024-05-07 20:53

@Hell_Cat, it's a small subtle bug, but it's still there. Find a L1 monster while still being at L1, beat the monster, try to mark the monster twice, then try to display the red value... you can't. The invisible 02 green marking is stopping you from using action on the monster tile.

P#148096 2024-05-08 00:15

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