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NOTE: mouse locking seems to be broken on the web player for now, so to try the instrument editor you should load the cart in Picotron instead (i.e. load #visitrack).

Mouse locking also behaves strangely on some platforms (e.g. mac); I added some settings (accessible through the menu) to change the sensitivity and direction, to see if that helps.

Cart #visitrack-2 | 2024-04-24 | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

VisiTrack is a music tracker, an alternative to the SFX editor provided with Picotron. This is still a work in progress!

(NOTE: this cartridge requires the last version of Picotron, 0.0.1f)

VisiTrack also contains a fully functional instrument editor, which should be able to do anything the default sfx editor can, but presented in a different way.

I'd love to have feedback on the design of the synth interface!

In the instrument editor, the top half of the screen show the audio routing of the current instrument, i.e. how the oscillators, modulators and effects are connected. You can select a module to show its interface below, or choose the "all" button to show an overview of all the synth modules currently in use.

You can exchange instrument definitions with the default editor by copy/pasting (i.e. use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V while in the "inst" page of either application), or by saving the file in one application and opening it in the other.

Loading files

There is currently no way to associate an application with a file extension, so in order to load an existing .sfx file into VisiTrack you have to use drag-and-drop: in the menu, choose "Open File", but instead of double-clicking, drag the file you want to open onto the application window.

How to use the pattern editor

You can enter notes with the same keys as the default tracker (i.e. piano-like layout). Use "backspace" to erase the previous step, "del" to enter a rest (i.e. silence) in the current step. Use "shift" + keys 0 to 9 to change the octave.

When the selection is on a volume slider (the blue bar below the note), use keys 0 to 9 to set the volume (mouse interaction is not yet implemented).

When the selection is on the instrument number, also use keys 0 to 9 to select one of the 10 first instrument. Use "shift" + keys 0 to 9 to change the tens digit.


0.0.3 (release #visitrack-2):

  • redesigned interface for the instrument editor
  • flexible module insertion and removal
  • copy/paste instruments (compatible with sfx.p64)
  • settings for mouse movements (direction and sensitivity)
P#146380 2024-04-11 17:37 ( Edited 2024-04-24 07:34)

Amazing job! This is why I love Picotron

P#146387 2024-04-11 18:59

This is freaking awesome I love it so much

P#146403 2024-04-11 22:59

just WOW!

P#146838 2024-04-17 19:04

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