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My Arcade Cabinet Build/Challenge

Hi all!
I'm building a coin operated Wooden Cabinet for a Pico 8 game I made a while back
(It's a local Rock-band Fangame, to go in our local bar)
I've attached an older version of the game at the bottom of the post.

With the game done and the Wooden cabinet assembled, the part I'm currently struggling wth is the Raspberry Pi, and getting it to run my single Pico 8 game on boot.

The "USB arcade Encoder"/Controller I've created seems to work well enough, at least in Retro Pi
-- but I am very unfamiliar with Raspberry Pi.
Can anyone help me get this Pico 8 game to run On boot of the Pi/Arcade cabinet?? Many thanks!

the "spidermaster" game

(note the use of the "o" button as an "insert credit": I'm wiring a 'coin acceptor' into a 'Usb Arcade encoder' controller to work as the "O" button)

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