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i'm likely an outlier with still a functioning pocketchip, but is there any chance like with pico8 to get a pocketchip version of picotron? a pipe dream, i'm sure, but the widescreen aspect of it and how it's meant to have a pointer input and keyboard seem like it would make an even more perfect match than the pico8 already was :)

P#144941 2024-03-29 07:20

It's planned for 0.2, if I am not mistaken
(We are talking about raspberry version right?)

P#144946 2024-03-29 08:38 ( Edited 2024-03-29 08:39)

pocketchip and raspberry pi are two different devices and as i understand new raspberry pis are 64bit? pocketchip (unless upgraded) runs on a defunct 4.4 armhf kernel (the company that made it went out of business in 2016)

P#144947 2024-03-29 08:42

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