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:: Globes
1. Run left from the start and fall down into the cavern. Run right until you fall down onto brown dirt, and then keep going left. The globe is on the other side of the door at the end.

  1. On your way out of the cavern, jump right into the wall. There is a secret passage which goes under the water.

  2. After you go through the silver door, jump onto the roof and then follow the clouds to the left.

:: Butterfly Potion

This potion gives you a little butterfly who follows you around, and shoots when you shoot. This is useful for attacking monsters (especially ones which are high up).

To find the potion, jump up to the left at the start and then climb up the cliff. You can use some of the clouds to get to the top. Keep going up using the blue sproing flowers, and you'll find the potion to the left.

:: Red Gem

After you get the bronze key, jump onto the small block on the left. Then, run left and let yourself fall down. Keep going left so that you land on solid ground (i.e. don't fall straight down into the mud). The red gem is a bit to the left.

:: Gremlins
There are a lot of pesky gremlins in this level. Gremlins spit out fireballs, and can block your magic discs with their shields. There are 2 ways to get around this:

1. Throw discs at them when you're quite close, so that they don't have time to react.

2. Throw discs at them when their back is to a wall, and they'll get squashed.

:: Level Map
Click for a map of the level:

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