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Cart #gruniozerca_v1-0 | 2024-02-26 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


Use the arrows to run the guinea pigs, which catch vegetables in a rush. Press X to change the guinea pig to the right one.


Grunio (dark) and Dida (light) love to munch vegetables. But Grunio prefers carrots and Dida prefers parsley. Crunch the vegetables falling from the sky keeping in mind the guinea pigs' preferences and making sure the vegetables don't fall to the ground.

Behind the scenes

Gruniożerca is a series of games started in 2016 by Luke "dizzy9" Kura. At the time, he created a small arcade game for the NES/Pegasus console and donated its cartridges to the arhn.eu website's Gramytatywnie charity campaign. Starring: Grunio, the guinea pig™, the site's mascot. Grunio has become a small internet phenomenon and has lived to see two (internationally award-winning, seriously!) sequels in recent years. In 2017, Dizzy agreed to release the source code for the first part of the game online. That one is available here. With its simple gameplay and adorable mascot, Gruniozer has become a well-liked "entry-level project" for novice developers, and the task of porting it to all possible platforms a small challenge for homebrew developers.

Many thanks to the aren.eu team for their work <3



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P#141989 2024-02-26 08:09

Polish!? If yes that I'm also Polish!

P#141997 2024-02-26 12:54

Nice game. I like how having to switch guinea pigs kept me always alert!

P#142012 2024-02-26 20:59

i constantly miss vegetables due to the hitbox being small and weird could you please make it bigger? also i love the art of the pigs :D

P#142063 2024-02-27 16:10

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P#142492 2024-03-06 08:09 ( Edited 2024-03-26 04:46)

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