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:: Gold Key

You'll need the gold key to finish this level. Run all the way to the right.

:: Globes
1. You can see the first globe if you run left at the start and look up. You can reach it by jumping from the cliff on the left.

  1. Run left from the start into the cavern. Instead of jumping on the blue flower, do a little hop (tap jump briefly) to get onto the pot. You can run through the wall to the left to find a globe and 4 treasure chests.

  2. Run left from the gold door and fall down the hole. The last globe is half way along the windy tunnel (don't miss it!).

:: Yellow Potion
Get onto the roof by jumping up three clouds to the right, and then turn left and jump back across to the roof. The yellow potion makes you into a magnet for treasure and fruit that comes out of monsters.

Pointless fun thing to do: if you have 3 shields, try picking up the shield only, waiting for the bonus to shoot out, and then suck it straight back by picking up the yellow potion. W00t!

:: Inn
There is an inn all the way to the left where you can save your progress.

This inn has a purple potion (triple shot) for sale. It's usually not worth buying it at this stage in the game (potions only last until the end of each level), but you can try it out for free. Just buy a saved game first, then buy the potion. After you're done, load your saved game to get a refund (^ _ ^).

:: Wizards and Heat-seekers
There are a lot of wizards in the level. To deal with the heat-seeking orbs they shoot out, try jumping over them and leading them into the ground. If they don't crash, you can usually get rid of them just by shooting at them if you're standing at the same height. If both of these options fail, run away!

:: Armoured Pig
The first boss. This guy looks flashy, but he's not too hard to defeat if you keep your cool. Stand a safe distance away from him, and keep jumping and shooting. When he looks like he's going to release a blast, back off a bit, but keep the heat on him! The more you hit any monster, the more they shoot back. In this case, this stops the pig from moving around too much. If he manages to corner you, jump over him and repeat the process from the other side.

:: Level Map
Click for a map of the whole level:

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