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This is something I've been working on for a while and have hinted at a couple of times, but can now finally post some solid details! Yesterday at NY Tech Day, Voxon showed one of their first working prototypes of a volumetric display called Voxiebox; a cuboid light field that can be viewed from any angle.

This is exactly the format that Voxatron is designed from the ground up to run on: a 128x128x64 block of voxels. Until now the game has only been viewable on a virtual, simulated display that is projected onto flat screens. That is about to change!

Voxatron Table is the working title of a collaboration between Voxon and Lexaloffle. It is an arcade table supporting up to 8 players facing a volumetric display fixed in the center. The game is based on multiplayer Voxatron, allowing both co-operative and competitive styles of play. We don't have any footage to show yet, but I have mocked up this little visualization aid that shows roughly the format of the table. Unfortunately the mockup is also made in Voxatron, leading to a kind of Russian Doll situation -- the resolution of the real display is much higher than is shown here!

Voxatron Table is initially aimed at the arcade market, but in the future Voxon aims to also produce lower cost home editions. Of course, Voxatron will also support future Voxon displays, and so with the addition of scripting will become a complete stand-alone unit for developing arbitrary volumetric animations, games and visualizations.

Coverage: Techhive

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Do want, so very badly.

Though I'd love to see some table top RPG games using this system.

Table top style RPG style Voxatron maybe?

Oh this makes me remember an old 4 player top down racer using cocktail cabinet. Four race wheels with one on each side. Never could find out what that game was. Released in the 80s somewhere.

I really hope this starts something wonderful.
Just hope I can afford the first home versions and the SDK :3

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I really wanna see that in person.

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