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Releasing this as a teaser for Jasper's Journeys was very kind of you, but the controls â they're horrible! Or at least, they're extremely uncomfortable for the player playing as Jasper. His fire and jump buttons should be the control and alt keys, not the space bar. Using the space bar in a two-player game requires stretching one's thumb beneath the other player's hand, which is a very unergonomic design fault which could very easily be corrected (supposedly).

I'm guessing that this has come about from using the same controls as in Jasper's Journeys, and while they may be perfectly comfortable for a one-player game, where one has space to use both of their own hands, the same thing simply doesn't work with two people sharing the keyboard.

On the plus side, my brother likes the bouncy flowers â I believe I do as well, as it's quite a different experience to get the timing right to hit someone who's bouncing up and down like that (also notice how my avatar represents the two of us). n_n

P#494 2007-12-29 16:36


On the same topic, for me and my partner, the keys often seem to be "in conflict" with each other, so that jumping or firing doesn't always work, depending on what the other player is doing. Maybe being able to use different buttons would help. I realize this was supposed to be a quick preview game though, so I'm not strongly hoping for new features.

P#496 2007-12-30 08:43


I threw in some extra keys in the hope that at least one set would work ok with different keyboard configurations:

Pip: can use X instead of Z
Jasper: can use alt instead of space, and also N & M

I couldn't make alt the official jump key for jasper because it might confuse some players running the game in windowed mode (alt brings up the pull-down menu in Windows)

Loffin Battle is compiled from the same code as Jasper, so I'll update it each time Jasper gets a relevant update. Jasper needs customisable keys for 2-player cooperative mode, so Loffin battle will get it too eventually (:

btw, I forgot to mention in the manual that either or both players can use a joystick if you have one.

P#498 2007-12-31 20:36


Sounds good, thanks.

P#500 2008-01-01 13:38

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