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Here are the 2 rooms which my brother made with the Chocolate Castle editor. I like how randomly laid out the first of them is, while the second, in contrast, is very geometric.

Cart [#1092#] | 2010-10-01 | No License | Embed

Cart [#1093#] | 2010-10-01 | No License | Embed

P#429 2007-08-25 14:32 ( Edited 2017-03-09 05:59)

:: Gray

A very nice proof of CC's wide appeal!

P#430 2007-08-25 16:48 ( Edited 2007-08-26 08:44)
:: zep

Nice work, Rory. I like it how you can still see the rabbit's face sitting there after you've eaten the fudge.

P#433 2007-08-26 04:44 ( Edited 2007-08-26 08:44)

As the above should be some proof of, I purchased Chocolate Castle soon after it was released and installed it on my computer of the time.

Today I tried to download the current versions of this and my other Lexaloffle purchases onto my new computer, but am told on the Downloads page that I have "No products found!". Is there any way this can be corrected?

P#38104 2017-03-08 16:32 ( Edited 2017-03-08 21:32)
:: zep

Hi Turtleheart. Your bbs user id is 7 -- I remember you! It's possible this was caused by a bug that occurs when updating a BBS account's email address. I've sent you an email about it.

P#38112 2017-03-09 00:59 ( Edited 2017-03-09 05:59)

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