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Cart #whinyslime_2-0 | 2020-05-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

The Final Update!

  • Now has the missing intro
  • Hit detection is a bit better.

Lexicon’s spaceship runs on slime, but the slime has run off! Get the slime back into the tank so you can get going again, and nevermind that all those creatures you caught have gotten loose. What’s the worst that could happen?

Z or C to fight, X to run. The digi-bugs are only interested in the slime, who will follow you if you’re close enough and she isn’t busy eating or complaining, and her voice is so distracting, that you can’t fight while she’s talking.

Your slimy companion will consume any nearby defeated digi-bugs whenever she’s hurt or hungry. If you can get her safely across the ship to her tube, you win!

For Ludum Dare 46 https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/46/whiny-slime
By Brightmoth Games! (Ava, Nette and Robin)

Patched LD46 Cart:
A new build was uploaded to fix

-Crash on death in certain cases
-Music randomiser only played the wrong song
-Bugs didn’t spawn when retrying.

Cart #whinyslime_1-1 | 2020-04-22 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Originally submitted LD46 Cart:

Cart #whinyslime_1-0 | 2020-04-21 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

P#75088 2020-04-21 02:18 ( Edited 2020-05-24 00:10)


WOO! That was a gauntlet.

P#75090 2020-04-21 02:47

Very creative, and cool graphics!

P#75365 2020-04-25 17:29

i got a bug when i went of screen from the slime where the slime couldnt eat or move and was stuck in slime eating pose which killed the slime

P#102190 2021-12-09 15:10

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