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Version 0.9: monster graphics!

Cart #teddblue_monv9-0 | 2024-06-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


  • Mons in save data
  • Image decompression system added
    • based off the system used in the gen 1 and 2 pokemon games with some changes to better fit pico-8
  • Display mons in battle mode
  • mon info menu system
    • view mons
    • view stats, moves, info
    • change mon placement
  • mons appear on start menu
    • i thought it would be a fun way to show off all the cool monsters that are in the game so far
    • you cant catch all of the ones shown
  • cleanup and token saving measures

story time

Hello! this update came out really fast as far as this major feature being added. this is because i had been working on this part in a separate project as i was making the rest of the engine. It loads an image compressed into a string. there are some improvements i wouldve wanted to make but it didnt seem worth the token cost. anyways it works now. this was a major feature that i had to have in the game for it to be worth the challenge.
As far as future updates... The battle system is due for another update, but ive decided to finish the other essential parts of the engine that arent in yet since the current battle system is at least made and working. My next update will be a big one for npcs and npc nodes. I want to give them more functionality for the story and such.
I've recently started a new summer job, so updates might take a bit longer than usual. I'll still spend as much time as i can on this since i really do enjoy this project. pretty soon ill be working on the actual content of the game and only sometimes tweaking the engine. I dont want to spoil too much, but ill try to post updates that showcase the changes in the engine and my progress in the making of the actual game.
With all that being said, please leave any questions, comments, concerns, and all that jazz down below :)

P#149960 2024-06-15 02:11

I am aware of the bug that occurs when viewing boxed mons: “[table]” instead of the name shows up during Mon selection, when attempting to move the boxed mon the game crashes. A hot fix will be released sometime over the weekend

P#149966 2024-06-15 04:31

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