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⬅️➡️⬆️⬇️ to move
❎ to shoot
🅾️ to doot


"Shoot" all of the enemies to progress through 10 waves.

"Doot"s, (green ⟡), power up your ship. The more doots you have the faster you progress. BUT doots run out, so if you want to retain the effects find and use more.

Behind The Scenes

Two weeks ago today, I started work on "Shoot Em' Doot Em". It had been for the better part of a year that I didn't even think about game dev. But one restless night I felt compelled to check pico8 twitter. I refused, believing, "If I start again it will end up exactly the same." Finally I gave in and typed '#pico8' into twitter. What I saw instantly inspired me to try out game dev again.

Using the lazy devs tutorial series, starting at Episode #11 I began work on project "Hero". After a week of steady work, progress began to slow, and other ideas for games hurled themselves at me from out of the void.

I remember similarly before all this that ideas for games would come to me. But, I never even got around to starting them. I just sat around praying that some entity outside of time would magically put a complete copy of it in my hands, and I could say to everyone that, "I made this". I would continue fantasizing about the fortune and glory of the final product for days until, eventually I got over myself.

During the start of week 2, I barely got anything done. However on Day 12 I started using an online "Pomodoro Clock". The timer caused me to actually get work done. And the task system, helped to break down "Finishing" into smaller jobs

Finally on Day 12 I finished work on "Shoot Em' Doot Em". I was expecting to feel some immense joy when it was done. Hoping that, the old rush of adrenaline from finishing a game would come around once more. And this time I expected it to be doubled. Since, I really took my time on this one and put my heart into it, unlike old projects.

But there was nothing. My heart was devoid of any relief, excitement, or happiness over my grand feat. I remember saying while making this project; "I'm making it to make it, instead of making it to release it." The real fun of making it, was making it. The fruit of the grind, was the grind itself. I had known this from the beginning, so finally I took it to heart. Now that the dust has settled, I do derive some tiny amount of joy from being able to openly announce that: I have made a game.

Enough lubby dubby crap, one ♥ like is a 🙏 prayer for my carpal tunnel. uwu 🥺 uwu

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im in it al lfor te moneh, Imm sell out as soon as I get the optuerunym fcku you guys im all in it for the money and y know you watt im gona do wit the moneh? Imma make a hundrde pico-8 consoels. And fcuk you cguys bc imma hoard em all for mysefl. adn tu think this is jkoe, but ist not and youll play myn necst game, and you'll enjyo it, and lil be cloer nad closer to my edn coal.


Followed Tutorial by: @LazyDevsAcademy's (Shmup Tutorial)
Tools used: Pomodoro Clock
Design/Art/Code/Sound: Marina Makes (@MarinaMakes)

P#118806 2022-10-08 19:03 ( Edited 2022-10-08 19:07)

Its a fun game. Whats the story about the last paragraph?

P#118852 2022-10-09 20:49

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