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Cart #root_to_remain-0 | 2023-05-13 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Root to Remain is on the surface a game about planting seeds and growing trees. Ride the river of randomness to achieve your goal.

The rules and game play should be self-explanatory. Should things be unclear, let me know.

One tip for power players: holding X while moving the cursor lets you select fruits and trees, even when there is a seed in the given direction. This can be useful in situations where a fast rooting action is of critical importance.

P#129687 2023-05-13 12:14

Love the concept and the level designs! Very fun to play :)

P#129839 2023-05-17 18:01

Really interesting idea. It's engaging and challenging. Desperately needs music.

P#129853 2023-05-17 22:15

Thanks for your comments. Happy to hear you both liked it. I'll check to see if I can get my brother to compose some music, as he did for my first PICO-8 game. It would not really improve the game if I do this myself...

P#129972 2023-05-20 21:06

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