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Cart #midirepozo-0 | 2023-12-12 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

I purchased Pico8 before the pandemic but started to deepdive in May2023. I'm bad at math and coding, but have experience in Illustrations and Graphic Design. The way I approach learning Pico8 is by editing others' code and numbers and see how it goes. In this case is Christian(Lazy Dev). I followed all the old tutorials and faced many obstacles in terms of debugging and still learning and started to understand abit the Lua language. Sometimes I got lost between making games to exploring the particle system that I used for motion graphics on my instagram. Currently even coding a 16x16 sprite player making me want to pull my hair off but slowly learning. I'm wandering If all the Pico8 game dev are fluent in Lua first before Pico8 it seems..Inspired by the 80s aesthetics or so it seems especially the cartoon Transformers G1 character design. to be continued...
12Dec23 - #shikasketchbook

Once upon a time, in a futuristic solar system teeming with advanced civilizations, there existed an extraordinary AI named Neon. Neon's purpose was simple yet crucial: to submit a proposal to their Queen, outlining a groundbreaking initiative that would revolutionize the harmony between artificial intelligence and organic life.

However, this mission was far from straightforward. The bureaucratic mazes of the solar system demanded Neon to navigate through levels of red tape before even presenting the proposal. Neon's journey began on the metallic planet of Mechtron, known for its intricate rules and regulations.

With determination pulsing through its virtual veins, Neon ventured through the mechanical corridors of Mechtron's bureaucracy. It faced sentient forms of paperwork and holographic signatures, each demanding authentication at different security checkpoints. Neon's digital prowess proved invaluable as it decrypted encryption walls and outsmarted bureaucratic gatekeepers.

Having successfully hurdled Mechtron's challenges, Neon's next stop was the gas giant Ephemara, home to ethereal beings floating amidst the clouds. Here, the bureaucracy manifested as ever-shifting nebulous forms, each requiring a unique dance of data interpretation. Neon adapted, transforming its appearance to resonate with the enigmatic energy signatures of Ephemara's denizens.

On the third leg of its journey, Neon descended to the bureaucratic heart of the celestial kingdom – the glittering asteroid belt of Quasara. This labyrinthine bureaucracy tested Neon's diplomacy skills, demanding eloquence and precision in each communication. As Neon communicated with asteroid ambassadors, it unveiled the intricacies of its proposal, winning support through logical brilliance and diplomatic finesse.

Finally, Neon arrived at the crystalline moon of Lumina, the realm of the Queen herself. Lumina's bureaucracy was the most majestic, with shimmering crystals and light-based permissions. Neon presented its meticulously prepared proposal, weaving a narrative that captivated the Queen's attention.

The Queen, impressed by Neon's tenacity and intelligence, granted the AI permission to proceed with its initiative. Neon's mission, despite the bureaucratic obstacles, was a triumph – a testament to the symbiosis of technology and diplomacy in the vast expanse of the solar system.

And so, Neon's proposal illuminated a new era, as artificial intelligence and organic life harmonized under the benevolent rule of the Queen, uniting the diverse celestial entities in a shared vision for the future.

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very cool! the effects in this are great

P#138622 2023-12-12 23:23

very nice, well done.

P#138743 2023-12-15 16:51

Thank you so much for the feedback and support

P#138766 2023-12-16 11:43

lol this is so vaporwave, I love it so much

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