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Cart #maxbize_superbreakout-3 | 2020-08-01 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Play as an angry robot head stuck on a rail and hellbent on breaking every last brick! Bust your way through 22 unique levels, interact with 16 different types of bricks, and hop into the editor to make and share your creations!



  • Left & Right Arrows - Move
  • C | Z - Boost
  • V | X - Launch glued balls
  • Up Arrow - Reset balls
  • Down Arrow - Restart level
  • Ctrl + R - Return to Main Menu (your progress will be saved)

Level Editor (mouse required)

  • Left Click - Place brick
  • Right Click - Copy brick
  • Middle Click - Erase brick
  • Left & Right Arrows | Scroll wheel - Change brick
  • C | Z - Copy level to clipboard (You can share this in a comment below!)
  • V | X - Paste level from clipboard (You can paste in levels that others have created!)
  • Up Arrow - Play level
  • Ctrl + R - Return to Main Menu (your progress will not be saved)

How to play


Your goal is to destroy the bricks on screen. You do this by controlling the robot head paddle at the bottom of the screen. Use the arrow keys to move left and right and press X to launch the balls and get started! Any time the ball touches the paddle it will go back up! If you manage to hit the same ball a few times, it will split into two! Need to get around faster? Hold Z to boost!

There's 16 different kinds of bricks, each with their own behaviors. Pay attention to how each one works to better plan your attack! Some bricks will drop powerups - try your best to collect those too! The effects will stay until you complete the level. You can always restart the level by holding the Down Arrow if you want to try a different approach.

Level Editor

You can create custom levels of any configuration you can imagine! Levels are created by individually placing bricks wherever you'd like. A red cursor shows your current mouse position and the bottom of the screen will tell you what type of brick you currently have selected. To place a brick, just left click! You can easily change your selected brick by using the Left & Right Arrow Keys or the Mouse Scroll Wheel. You can also quickly set your selected brick to the same as an already placed one by highlighting it and right clicking (just like the "eyedropper" tool in image editors). Removing bricks can be done by middle clicking them or selecting the "erase" brick.

Once you've got everything just how you like it, hold Up Arrow to play it! You can return to the editor at any time by holding Down Arrow. Beating the level will also bring you back to the editor. Create, play, tweak, repeat! Then share it with the world!

Sharing levels is a bit tricky due to extra protections on the web version of PICO-8. To copy the current level configuration, hold C to get it ready. Once you've held it long enough that the pop-up goes away, press Ctrl+C to actually copy it to your clipboard. Pasting in a level works in the opposite way: press Ctrl+V, then hold V to load it in. The level data is just a short string that can easily be shared in a comment or a tweet! Share what you've created with others!

P#80194 2020-08-01 17:58

I'll save the top post here to collect user-created levels for everyone to play and share! You can load these into the editor to play them (see the game description for details)


P#80212 2020-08-01 18:00

Time: 0:35:37

Great game!
It sounds a bit monotonous now if add more sound it would be better.

The 20 level is too difficult!! It took a long time to get through!

P#80239 2020-08-02 07:21

@AmateurX Nice score!

Thanks for the feedback! This is my first "full" PICO-8 game so I need to spend more time playing with the music editor to make more SFX!

Level 20 is pretty tricky! A few tips: Make sure you get the glue powerup so that you can place your shots more precisely. Also, when a ball is glued to the paddle you can move it around by moving into the walls on the side. The paddle will stop but the balls will keep sliding!

P#80240 2020-08-02 08:20

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