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not a game, not interactive. just an animation. the header for this section claimed to appreciate curiosities :)

it's within a month or so of easter here in the united states, and being within a month of a holiday means retailers are all keen to sell varying confections with absurd sugar contents vaguely themed after the season. "peeps" are a hallmark of this time of year for a lot of people, as a result. they're little marshmallow sweets with what amounts to a pure sugar coating on them. they usually come in packs of 4 or 8, and are shaped like small animals, typically bunnies or chicks (baby chickens...). i don't think they're often widely distributed outside the united states and canada.

there's a recurring urban rumor i hear every year that claims that peeps have their little eyes burnt on with lasers at the factory after they're formed. sadly, this isn't true, but the rumor continues circulating nonetheless. i was talking about this with a friend, and decided to animate a little view into the hypothetical peep factory where the peeps are granted their faces.

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edit: removed printh calls. oops. learned something new today.

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