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Cart #knutil_mkpal-0 | 2023-08-07 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Feature Overview

MKPAL() Create a color swap table for use in PAL().

  • This is useful for creating several color patterns.
  • It is not an error if the number of elements in the swap table does not match.
  • This function consumes 44 Token.
-- Color swap to darken "blue, white, and green".

local p=mkpal({12,7,11},{13,6,3}) -- mkpal('c7b','d63') is also the same.

This function will be included in the next version(0.14.0) of KNUTIL library.

release note


  • first release
P#130356 2023-08-07 06:15 ( Edited 2023-08-07 06:51)

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