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Cart #fillpatdraw_02-7 | 2020-07-21 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

FillPatDraw FullColor version

This cart is tool that export code for drawing with FILLP() and RECTFILL().
The Exported data can draw that using without Sprite sheet.

You can also apply a check mask to an image by changing the value of _filppmask to a non-zero value.

Rectfill pattern animation

FILLP DRAW (2color version)


Sprite sheet view

  • Mouse Left Drag and Click
    1 Select the rectangle to be the source of the delimited block.
    2 Select the length of block from start to end.
    3 Click Export Button for Confirm and Enter the export (p8l)file name.
    In some cases there is a waiting time of 30 seconds or more.
  • Right Click
    Prev select mode.

  • Tab key
    Open the Menu Window.


  • PLAY Button
    Start Pattern Draw Preview

  • SAVE Button
    SAVE PNG file and Attach Cart data

  • LOAD Button
    LOAD PNG file and Attach Cart data

  • CLEAR!! Button
    CLEAR Sprite sheet(not Attach Cart data)

Pattern Draw Preview

  • Space key
    Stop and Start the Animation.
  • Left Click
    Step to Next BlockID.
  • Right Click
    Prev to Back BlockID.
  • Tab key
    Return The Menu Window.

How to use the exported code

Paste the code from the p8l file written by this tool into your code.

To execute it add the following code.

  • BlockID : Number in Selected Sprite sheet view mode.(start 1)
  • x,y : draw position.
  • Return value: If ID not found then TRUE else FALSE.

How to add data

That can add to the export data in the following way.

(add datablock2)
(add datablock3)

Draw Sequence


  • rev5: Improved drawing performance(25% faster). Reducing the tokens used. Abolition of autoload. Empty writing is suspended. Enabled the paste command on file name input.
  • rev4: Can specify the drawing position by 1px instead of 4px.(Using camera())
    Can superimpose masks while drawing.
    Supports export of multiple png files.
  • rev3: Tuning Encode and Draw performance.
  • rev2: Remove debug code
  • rev1: Fixed can't return on Tabkey
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