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Hey guys,

There's an Alakajam! event scheduled for the 17-19th September week-end!

If you don't know about us, we're an online gamedev community hosting jams, where you are invited to make a game from scratch over 48 hours. Start/end times are suited to European timezones (7pm UTC), while both the theme and the winners are decided by the community! As I write the theme submission phase has just started, and you will be able to suggest ideas for one week. The full jam works this way:

You can discover the winners from the last jams here</a>. PICO-8 has been a popular engine throughout the events, some of them even winning the solo category :)

More than the thrill of the competition, a cool thing is that all games are getting valuable feedback for their games thanks to our voting/comment system.

If you're interested feel free to check in, we also have a Discord & an IRC chan. See you there!

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