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Space Trader


Space Trader is a chill space exploring game in which you trade resources from asteroids.
Travel from planet to planet to found the best prices, but be careful because pirates will try to kill you.
Upgrade your ship (capacity or shield), fight enemies, buy low, sell high and have fun !


  • Infinite "universe"
  • Procedurally generated planets
  • Random prices relative to offer and demand
  • Asteroids-like controls




Update 1.1

  • Added margin to HUD
  • Added margin to trade menu
  • Changed upgrade buttons (replaced LEFT/RIGHT by X/O)
  • Repair price is now cheaper
  • Danger text is now blinking
P#95468 2021-07-29 22:25 ( Edited 2021-07-31 10:49)

WOW. Amazing game ! I am on my baby steps into pico-8 and this is inspiring ! Very Welldone ! :)

P#95490 2021-07-30 17:25
:: benj

Thank you @kumodot :)

P#95515 2021-07-31 10:50

This is great!

P#95668 2021-08-04 22:42
:: dTb

I spent one hour on it yesterday, fun game. Reminds me good time spent on Elite II when I was young.

The very first time I played, I was very frustrated because I did not notice top-left mini map, and was spending most of my time trying to find planets... but I did notice it on a screenshot and then it was much more enjoyable.

It seems the easiest way to make big $$ is to harvest asteroids and fight more than buying/selling, but it's still fun. I'll try another run where I reach maximum cargo size and do large buy and resell operations..

P#95750 2021-08-07 15:40

This is really great - the look and feel is really good.
The UI is particularly nice and clean.

I really wished I could've included fighting enemy ships + mining asteroids, etc. in Low Mem Sky, but alas I filled it up with running around on planets. 😅

Nice work! 👍

P#95753 2021-08-07 16:09

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