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Cardoom is my second attempt at making a game in PICO-8. I'd say it turned out a lot better than blaskjack

You control a knight who has nothing better to do than raid ancient tombs that house emperors of whatever kingdoms...FOR MONEY. Provided by the one and only SUPER EMPEROR of GLUG (your second earth). You keep earning money and buying cool fruits and pointy things until the time comes to Kill The Super Emperor himSelf. Should you defeat the SUPER EMPEROR...you will find that dead people cannot give you money. (once i find a good way to go about it defeating the SUPER EMPEROR OF GLUG will give you no money because SAD) So you walk back and beg on the streets for more money. JUST KIDDING, you kill ALL THE EMPERORS IN THE WORLD until you have to travel back to earth in the new world to kill kim jong un or whoever you feel like ruthlessly murdering with your sticks and apples.

Game flow is as follows: look through your WEAPONZ DECK™ of square cards and see what Cool Gear you have, then proceed to the shop to see whatever the merchant is selling. Clearly the merchant is terrified of you, so he provides discounts so his life can be spared. Once you obtain your GEAR you can FIGHT AN EMPEROR. Will you be lucky enough to draw the NICE SWORD card and deal 5 DAMAGE to your RUTHLESS OPPONENT? Perhaps. But you probably won't succeed.

Massive thanks to kreyk29 for making Untitled Card Roguelike, a massive inspiration for this game. And you MIGHT notice that I've gotten better at making music in trackers, HOPEFULLY THAT WILL STAY WITH ME, but we will have to wait and see.

This took me well over a day to create, and wow it was an experience. Halfway through development I found arrays in Lua start at one. ??? WHAT??? NO!!!!!THAT'S NOT OK!!!!!!!! While making this I probably encountered the most errors I've ever had in my entire life. I am so glad it is over.

Have fun!

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uhh mmm ok

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