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Cart #hanranddoroido_gunv2-1 | 2021-05-22 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Hanran Doroido-Gun

Fight the Rebel Droid Army and free humanity in this bullet hell vertical shooter.

Defeat the 5 waves to achieve victory and end the war.

Do not fail...

Quick Guide

  • Unlimited mode plays the same as arcade but with unlimited lives. Smart mode to play in to win the game the first time.
  • Both Arcade and Unlimited mode allow for taking multiple hits before dying. In these modes your power bar (top left) serves as both your health and your weapon power up. Collect blue crystals to power up your weapon and replenish health.
  • In Hard mode and Championship mode, all hits to the player from either ships or bullets are instant death. Recommended only for those seeking a punishing challenge and high scores of note!
  • Each of the 5 levels includes a mini boss around half way (which is also the one checkpoint in the level) and a final boss.
  • If you're playing for high score- play on Championship, and get the level bonuses- those are where big scores are earned.


  • Version 2: Some game play improvements after more play testing. Specifically: Increased invincibility frames from 30 ticks to 70 ticks to make slightly easier on Unlimited and Normal modes. Made blue bullets in Wave 4 not single hit death on Unlimited and Normal modes. Tweaked HP on Wave 3 bosses down slightly. Increased gap slightly on Wave 4 enemy waves to make not so punishing.
  • Version 3: Fixed starfield bug- where every time you started a new level or died, more and more stores appeared.

Credits and Shout Outs

In doing research on the bullet hell genre, I found this site especially invaluable in building the bullet engine. https://sparen.github.io/ph3tutorials/danmakudesign.html Big thanks to the author and their work on this page. Also for those who have played Ikaruga - you'll notice a few ideas from that one.

I created this game over a couple of weeks. It started out as an experiment to learn more about making shooters fun and challenging for the player for a larger project I'm working on called Kip and Odosan. In that game we are including a couple run n gun and scrolling shooter levels. This turned into a fun project and I'll be incorporating a lot of what I learned here into it. The bigger project details are:

web: http://strayvoltagegames.com
twitter: @strayvoltageca (https://twitter.com/strayvoltageca)

Have fun, if you achieve victory, post a screenshot of the victory page with your score!

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Love it - so colourful and fast moving :-)

Great game - thanks!

P#92011 2021-05-15 23:31

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