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(For some reason, my last two edits all result in blank posts, even if the preview looks normal. Now I have to type in a third time.)

Hi, I have problem that I cannot save the file under the same filename. When I do that, Voxatron crashes. Does that mean I have to do save under a different filename each time I want to save? I hope not.

I am using Intel MacBook Pro, macOS 10.15.5 Catelina, and Voxatron 0.3.6.

Thanks in advance.

P#91641 2021-05-07 15:58 ( Edited 2021-05-07 16:06)

Hi @bob1996w

Sorry about that -- nasty bug. There's a fix for this coming soon in 0.3.6b

P#91658 2021-05-07 19:43

Hi @zep, thank you for fixing it so quickly! Looking forward to the next version!

P#91682 2021-05-08 07:54

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