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This level doesn't have much besides my robot man and his blaster. I've had quite some fun with all the new custom player features, and I plan to expand with much more animations for the robo's various actions, starting with jumping.
But while I was testing I found that when playing in an area larger than one screen or if I move diagonal, my player jitters while it walks. I don't know if my players too big or if there is something I'm missing, but I'm sure all the animations aren't off or anything like that.

Now for my future plans I would like to suggest some things that I think could really help.

One you've probably heard before- more camera options. But here I don't mean like any angle options or first person/third person.
For example, there's a game called Retro City Rampage where the version ported to the handheld 3DS has a feature when driving. The bird's-eye view camera will move ahead of the player to show more in front which is very important (I think) due to the smaller screen of the handheld device, and especially due to the high speeds.
I imagine a feature like this would be very important to future Voxatron maps, especially for ones with bigger players and monsters.

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Cool :)

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:: Hobhob

disregard, just so i can acess elsewhere
have a look if ya want

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