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Cart #xmas_coal-3 | 2020-12-10 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Deep below the North Pole, Santa needs YOU to find some tasty anthracite to plop in some bad kid's stocking. Unfortunately the elves have already excavated most of the coal in the mines. The elves and an explorer have been digging deeper to try and find more coal... what could go wrong?

A quick little exploration game for the Holiday 2020 bundle. Happy holidays!

P#85375 2020-12-14 03:27

Did it, was hit 15 times.


P#85391 2020-12-14 21:08

I was hit 10 times. What a lovely little adventure.

P#86041 2021-01-01 22:49

Wonderful job with this vignette! As short as it is, it's got it all: story premise, dialogue, pickups, a puzzle, nice parallaxing rooms, enemies, a boss fight and a funny joke. Feels very smooth! I liked how the action is solely movement-based, including item manupulation and the boss-fight, and how getting damaged is only punished by a short animation. I'm late to the holiday party, but, uh, thank you for the treat!

P#88362 2021-03-01 10:25

Never mind, I did it

P#88372 2021-03-01 18:58 ( Edited 2021-03-01 19:06)

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