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Cart #procedural_islands-0 | 2021-02-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Hey everyone! I'm making Clarice Clairvoyage over at a WIP thread, but wanted to share a part of my upcoming devlog separately as an animated cart/snippet!

It goes over the steps to make a procedural island, if you want to use the code, free free to do so!
Would appreciate the attribution!

There's a lot of ways that you can make it your own, try to edit which circles you want do draw more on besides the first one. Maybe do another layer on top of the trees for some more texture? Add a mountain or vulcano? Maybe a little town!

It's up to you!

If you can and want to learn more about me or the project I'm working on: Check out Clarice Clairvoyage!

Thanks! - Bram

P#88124 2021-02-24 22:35 ( Edited 2021-02-25 08:10)


awesome, thanks for sharing. i've been reading up on procedural generation lately.

P#88183 2021-02-26 04:11

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