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Cart #pico_raiders-9 | 2021-02-17 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Based upon the ZX Spectrum game Viking Raiders by Mark Lucas


  • No game crashing bugs
    • but if you do find any strange behavior let me know so I can fix it
  • 1 to 4 human/cpu players
    • Menu/Enter to reload game
    • CPU only game will play by itself for you to watch
    • Guide to graphics alike to original
  • Seasons
    • over about 30/40 turns water will freeze and unfreeze
    • catapults and army units can move over frozen water
    • boats can only move across unfrozen water
    • any land units found in unfrozen water drown and die
  • Army units
    • can board boats
    • can get drunk (drunk units move by themselves)
    • can pick up gold
    • can recruit/sober drunk army units
    • can recruit empty boats
    • can destroy adjacent occupied boats
  • Boats
    • can only move when units onboard
    • can only move on unfrozen water
    • can recruit empty boats
    • can ram other boats to sink them
  • Catapults
    • uses ranged combat
    • cannot directly fight
  • Victory conditions
    • defeat all the enemy castles
      • requires an army unit to attack castle
    • game ends when no other players remain
    • short delay to give player chance to review
  • CPU AI
    • ai is easy to beat, provides minor challenge
    • picks random choice of:
      • return gold (priority action)
      • board friendly boat
      • target closest enemy castle
      • target closest enemy unit
      • target closest drinking horn
      • target closest gold chest
      • (catapults only) move away from enemy units
      • (boats only) head towards enemy castles
  • SFX
    • killing units
    • converting units
    • defeated castle
    • sinking boat
    • firing catapult
    • minor generic actions

To do:

  • Fix any reported bugs

Known bugs:

  • Deferred: AI finds it hard to move boats upwards when blocked with land

I had intended for this to be a quick side project but it took longer than expected so code got a little spaghettified in places but it still works, but far from optimised. Barring any major/minor reported defects, or any later tweaks, v0.8 will likely be the last version. When I'm ready to move to completed cart I will update version to 1.0.

P#86592 2021-01-19 23:18 ( Edited 2021-02-17 08:22)

Final release v1.0 barring any defect fixes.

P#87161 2021-02-03 13:20

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